21 Must-Have Features For Ecommerce Sites

This means including descriptions, photos and videos on product pages. A study found that a product’s visual representation, mainly via pictures and videos, positively influences consumers’ purchase intentions. In the first section, we’ll talk about the latest eCommerce website features you must have to keep up with the competition. Following this, we’ll discuss the eCommerce software features you need to streamline your backend processes. These days, being able to register and log in by integrating socials is a handy feature to have. Sign-ins via socials also help ensure a seamless return for your shoppers.

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So, these are some of the must-have features in your eCommerce app or you can also consider this checklist for testing your eCommerce site. That’s what exactly happens with your customers or mobile app users. If you ask your users too many questions when they sign up for your application, they will feel frustrated.

What are gestures on mobile?

Make sure that it provides the best possible experience for your users. Developing an eCommerce app for mobile can be tricky, especially for companies that are already overwhelmed with other projects. But we will simplify things a bit for you by listing the must-have features for ecommerce mobile app an eCommerce mobile app. Presenting all the products through AR is grabbing a lot of attention from eCommerce businesses across the world. Using this advanced technology, you will get an opportunity to showcase your products to your customers in real time and in a real context.

As essential as the below-mentioned features are, when designing an eCommerce app, it is imperative that you study the online shoppers’ buying habits and behaviors. Integrating your eCommerce mobile app with various augmented reality features can greatly enhance your users’ buyer journey. AR can help them look at the products from 3 dimensions and actually see if it suits their requirements. With an eCommerce app, you will be able to offer flawless and hassle-free product delivery to the customer’s doorsteps with the best payment modes to offer with it.

Top features of an e-commerce app

So, you can try and experience it yourself and plan to execute this same feature in your eCommerce app. Moreover, AR is one of the mobile eCommerce trends that will dominate in 2022. According to Statista research, the number of e-commerce users will reach 4,658.1m by the end of 2024. Let’s take a look at 16 must-have eCommerce app features we’ve put together for you. Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions.

Top outstanding features for an eCommerce app

It offers customers a detailed breakdown of total bills and smoothly transitions them from checkout pages to payment gateways. You can collect and analyze shopping cart data to identify abandoned carts and launch marketing campaigns to retrieve lost sales. You will not be capable of sustaining your eCommerce store presence in a competitive environment entirely based on eCommerce application development. Since customers are always looking for something extra, eCommerce websites face even more challenges with emerging changes.

Secured Payment Options

When people see that the company will deliver the order to their doorstep within the shortest time, they are more likely to purchase. Therefore, to ensure a great buying experience, you need to provide users with a home delivery option. Sometimes, users browse online stores looking for inspirations and goods to purchase someday . Having that in mind, it is crucial to develop a wishlist section in your eCommerce application.

  • It can be personal data , interests, viewed or purchased products, etc.
  • This functionality allows users to easily access products that suit their preferences, quickly completing the purchase.
  • In-app payments are a standard feature in e-Commerce mobile apps today.
  • Like Spree Commerce, Shopware was built with Symfony powering the backend and Vue.js on the frontend.
  • You can scale the solution as your business grows and shift to a headless architecture to manage multiple storefronts and brands.
  • But there are numerous eCommerce apps in the market, most of which are barely surviving, and some perform outstandingly.

ECommerce apps will allow you to know your customers better from their social media presence and activities. AI and ML-based algorithms can help you better understand your customer’s buying perspective. As a result, you can encourage them to buy more products from you by providing more personalized recommendations.

Offline functionality

At EmizenTech, we are a reliable and reputable eCommerce app developer that has years of experience creating eCommerce apps and has successfully delivered thousands of ecommerce apps. If you are looking to establish your online presence with an eCommerce app, you are right, as we offer extraordinary ecommerce development services to help you attain your business goals. It mainly involves collecting consumer data about their needs, preferences, buying patterns, behaviors, etc.

Top outstanding features for an eCommerce app

The digital world has turned highly competitive, making it more difficult to earn and retain a constant revenue source. The most effective way is to build a membership that will nurture your relationship with the customer and, as a result, will boost their loyalty to your brand. Here you can see how IKEA and LensKart allow their customers to use this technology via their eCommerce apps. This sector can use ecommerce to digitally publish magazines, books, and catalogs and create digital libraries.

Customer Satisfaction

When users cannot find what they need on your e-commerce site, they are less likely to stay and shop. A user-friendly navigation system is an integral aspect of e-commerce web design. Ensure you have easy-to-navigate menus on your e-commerce website to quickly navigate between categories.